Our customers often ask us the secret to a smear and streak-free window. Because we appreciate that many of our customers like to clean the inside of their windows themselves, we are more than happy to help by sharing the tricks of the trade.

The truth is there are no secrets or tricks. The simple answer to having a smear and streak-free window all comes down to the cleaning products and window cleaning tools you use.

To help you achieve smear and streak-free windows at home, we have put together a list of the products that we use and trust because if your windows are clean inside, you will see how clean we leave the outside!

Don’t forget to check out our Bonus Recommendation near the bottom of the page.

Unger Window Cleaning Kit

Unger Window Cleaning Kit

This Unger Window Cleaning kit provides everything you need for smear, streak-free windows at home.

The kit includes – Power Washer Sleeve, ErgoTec Squeegee, Bucket 18L, Liquid Glass Cleaner 1L, Safety Glass Scraper, Microfibre Cloth.

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Unger Window Cleaning Liquid Soap

UNGER Window Cleaning Liquid Soap

This Unger Window Liquid Soap is absolutely incredible as it effortlessly removes dirt and grease with streak-free results.

The cleaning liquid comes in a 1L bottle and lasts for ages – Economical 1:100 Mixing Ratio for 100 litres of Liquid.

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Unger Window Cleaning Bucket

UNGER Window Cleaning Bucket

Let’s face it, every budding window cleaner needs a decent bucket, and the Unger Window Cleaning Bucket has it all.

This lightweight bucket holds 18L with Sieve, Tool Holder, Measuring Scale & Spout.

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UNGER MicroStrip Window Washer

The Unger MicroStrip Window washer AKA Dolly – (Don’t ask us why because we have no idea), is lightweight and easy to use.

The high-quality microfibres in the MicroStrip sleeve glide smoothly over glass surfaces and give outstanding cleaning results.

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UNGER Window Squeegee

UNGER Window Squeegee

The Unger Squeegee is a classic for professional window cleaners and is quite simply the best you can buy.

Made with stainless steel with an ergonomic handle, this squeegee will help you clean windows like a pro!

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UNGER Microfibre Cloth

UNGER Microfibre Cloth

Now, this microfibre cloth is a must-have and is the best purchase you will ever make for cleaning your windows at home.

Unlike other microfibre cloths, it is lint-free and will deliver a streak-free, high shine finish on glass and mirrors every time.

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Bonus Recommendation

If you have ever watched us when we are window cleaning, you would see that we are always wearing headphones.

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We must be the most well-read window cleaners in the west because we have approx 400 audiobooks that span everything from romance novels to crime fiction, science fiction & fantasy to psychology, historical books and autobiographies and everything in-between.

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