After the government announcement regarding the new national restrictions – From 5 November we will be returning to a limited window cleaning service.

We are doing this to play our part in stopping the spread of Coronavirus and by limiting our services it will help us to minimise our weekly contacts whilst allowing us to continue trading.

Limited Service

Two days a week – Tuesday and Thursday.

We will not be providing an indoor window cleaning services.

We will not accept cash payments.

Our Control Measures

Although we cannot eliminate the risk of infection, there are ways we can control the risk.

Below is an overview of the control measures we have put in place:

  • All workers are to report any potential illness/symptoms of Covid 19/Coronavirus, including illness/symptoms of family members that they live with.
  • Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to at all times.
  • PPE marks provided to Workers to wear when social distancing measures are difficult to follow. (Taking payments, inside public buildings – petrol stations, shops etc.)
  • PPE gloves provided to Workers to wear when working.
  • Vehicle cab will be disinfected daily using wipes on regularly touched areas (Gear stick, door handles, steering wheel, control stalks such as indicators, lights etc.)
  • Workers are prohibited from accepting cash payments and must direct clients to our Online Payment Portal.
  • Workers are provided with soap, water and sanitizer within company vehicle and instructed to wash hands before entering or getting out of the vehicle.

We hope this helps instil confidence in our return to work as we are looking forward to getting back to it.

If you have any questions, please contact us.