Do window cleaners work in bad weather?

If the weather is really bad, and it makes it unsafe to continue window cleaning, then you should not expect to see your window cleaner.
Well, that is if the window cleaner has any common sense.

However, not all poor weather is bad enough to suspend services. Keep reading to find out more . . .

Do we work in the wind and rain?

Although we have covered this in our terms of service, we just wanted to clarify our service limitations due to bad weather.

Rainy days

For our external window cleaning services, we use a pure water system. Because it uses pure water, it allows us to work in light to moderate rain without it affecting our standard of work.
When it comes to heavy rain our service will be suspended until the weather improves. Although the rain does not affect the system we use, nobody likes working in heavy rain.

Windy days

Due to limitations with our liability insurance, we do not work in winds that exceed 25mph.
For our external window cleaning services, we use a water-fed pole.
In strong winds, there is a risk that, at height, the brush head could be blown into a window and cause damage. By following this practice, we limit the risk to your property.

Snow days

Our window cleaning service will be suspended when it is snowing or if the temperature falls below 0ºC.
In freezing conditions, there is a risk that the pure water we use will freeze on surfaces around a property and create slip hazards.
Our customer’s safety is important to us, and we would never do anything that could potentially cause them harm.

Service delays

We aim to provide a reliable service however, adverse weather conditions do cause delays to our regular window cleaning services.
Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided, but we are sure that our customers understand this and know that we will be back on track as soon as the weather improves.

We hope this helps clarify our Service Limitations in bad weather.
If you have any questions, please contact us.